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Lindsey Byrd

Author, Historian, Birder


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The Sun Blessed Prince
(1 May 2025)

On a hotly-contested battlefield, a prince whose touch creates life meets a soldier chosen by death. But can they forge a future together, from opposite sides of a great war?

This is a lyrical and character-driven queer fantasy for those who loved She Who Became the Sun, The Song of Achilles and Lucy Holland's Sistersong.

Prince Elician is a Giver. With a touch he can heal any wound and bring the dead back to life. He also can't be killed, so is cursed to watch his country fight an endless war he can do nothing to stop. Reapers can kill with a single touch. And when one attacks Prince Elician near the battlefield, but fails, the Reaper expects to harshly punished. Instead, Elician offers him a chance at a new life and a new name on enemy territory. The Reaper didn’t realise he could still find something, or someone, to make life worth living - until Elician. And the prince is unaware that his kindness is part of his enemy’s plan, until danger engulfs him in turn.

As the pieces of a deadly plot come together, featuring abduction, treachery and forbidden magic, the stakes rise and tensions escalate at court and on the battlefield. As the fires of conflict burst into new flame, who will wield the powers of life and death? And could love really change a world and stop a war?

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On the Subject of Griffons

They’ll do anything to save their children’s lives, even if it means working together.

Kera Montgomery is still mourning the sudden death of her husband, Morpheus, when her youngest son falls victim to a mysterious plague. With no medicinal cure, Kera must travel to the Long Lakes, where magical griffons capable of healing any ailment reside.

As an heiress unused to grueling travel, Kera struggles with the immense emotional and physical strain of her journey—one made more complex when she crosses paths with her husband’s former mistress, Aurora. Aurora’s daughter is afflicted with the same plague as Kera’s son, so despite their incendiary history, the two women agree to set aside their differences and travel together.

The road is fraught with dangers, both living and dead. Each night, old battlegrounds reanimate with ghosts who don’t know they’ve died, and murderous wraiths hunt for stray travelers caught out after dark. If Kera, Aurora, and their children are going to survive, they’ll need to confront the past that’s been haunting them since their journey began. And perhaps in the process, discover that old friends may not be as trustworthy as they once thought—and old enemies may become so much more.

A digitalized copy of the book cover of On the Subject of Griffons. The title is on the top of the cover in golden text. The cover itself is mostly greys, blues, and whites. A woman, with her back to the viewer, stands in front of a ghostly creature in a black shroud. She has a knife in one hand and a hooked blade in another. She is wearing a white shrit and brown trousers. Her hair is black. The spine of the book displays the author's name, a red icon of a griffon, and the title of the book once more. The author's name: Lindsey Byrd is on the bottom of the cover of the book.

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Upcoming Appearances

Book signings, readings, and more!

Glasgow WorldCon 2024!

Lindsey will be attending WorldCon 8-12 August!


About Lindsey Byrd

Author and historian, Lindsey finds inspiration on long walks through the woods. While she's searching for the next bird sighting to add to her bird book, she daydreams about fantasy worlds and how to bring them to life. She lives in France and hopes to one day buy a dog.

Lindsey is represented by Maddy Belton at Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency.

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