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Author Journey So Far

In May 2019 I published my first book, On the Subject of Griffons with Riptide Publishing. Only a few months later I made an international move and began graduate school. As a result, fiction writing took a backseat to hours of study and academic writing instead. That didn't mean the writerly thoughts weren't occurring, just that the priorities were different.

During the Covid Pandemic I made another international move to finish my graduate studies in France. I kept working and writing, and eventually came up with a backlog of novels that had been sitting in my laptop waiting for something to happen.

That something happened in the winter of 2023 when I finally began submitting to agents after a four year hiatus. In May 2023 I signed with Maddy Belton of Madeleine Milburn Ltd Literary Agency and have been working on editing and revising my first new book for submission to publishers since Griffons.

We're two rounds of edits through, and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us. More good news to come, and I'll post updates here.

Thanks for following!

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