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New Book Announcement

When I first built this website, it was because I had just started the book submission process with my agent and I wanted to look as professional as possible should an editor look me up.

I didn’t know what I was going to post here, exactly, but I knew I had a plan for making blog posts about the writing process etc. And even my personal publishing journey as it progressed.

What I did not expect was to receive an offer on that book within a few weeks of going on submission, and upon acceptance of that offer: needing to hold back on telling people until the official announcement. The delight and joy I felt in October 2023 was rather impossible to tamp down on but I held my horses (as my mom would say) and kept quiet….

Until now.

It is with huge joy and excitement, that I am able to finally publicly share that I have sold an adult fantasy duology to Tor UK and Random House Canada, with translation rights to Ne/oN in Italy.

The official announcements are listed here and here.

The first book in the duology is The Sun Blessed Prince: a vividly-imagined and character-driven queer fantasy. Here’s the back of book blurb:

Prince Elician is a Giver. With a touch he can heal any wound and bring the dead back to life. He also can't be killed, so is cursed to watch his country fight an endless war he can do nothing to stop. Reapers can kill with a single touch. And when one attacks Prince Elician near the battlefield, but fails, the Reaper expects to harshly punished. Instead, Elician offers him a chance at a new life and a new name on enemy territory. The Reaper didn’t realize he could still find something, or someone, to make life worth living - until Elician. And the prince is unaware that his kindness is part of his enemy’s plan, until danger engulfs him in turn. As the pieces of a deadly plot come together, featuring abduction, treachery and forbidden magic, the stakes rise and tensions escalate at court and on the battlefield. As the fires of conflict burst into new flame, who will wield the powers of life and death? And could love really change a world and stop a war?


I started writing this book in late 2020, finishing a first draft it in 2021. I immediately began working on the sequel, but a several month writing hiatus kept the first draft from being completed until 2022. At the time, I was finishing up my MA degree in Canada, and then moving to France to begin my PhD. By the time I got back to working on it, I was already considering whether I wanted to jump into the gauntlet of book publishing or not.

Friends and readers of those first drafts encouraged me to give it a try after I mentioned my interest. Then, from there, a whole lot of editing took place. The original draft of The Sun Blessed Prince was only about 80k. It is now far closer to 130k. Character ages and descriptions were updated. Settings were changed. Some characters were lost on the cutting room floor, and others took a far strong presence on the page.

This has been an exciting ride, and as we get closer to the launch date, I’ll share more about the process here.

I’m so incredibly proud, and honored, to have the opportunity to share this duology with you.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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